cs-41 UniPlayer Software for Mac
There are two new reasons
to give it a try:

UniPlayer is a singular application that allows you to play your favorite media files, all via it's mobile simulators. Access the hard disks, browse the internet, send e-mails, write and recall annotations with it. Several items can expand to full screen mode and are customizable. Store your favorite books, images, games, notes, etc. keeping yourself organized!


New features - The version 13 can simulate those popular devices - media player and mini tablet - and it's colors in one click. Also, it now opens internet audio stations in a special playlist created in iTunes.

The Jack MIXX Bossa Nova Jazz Hotmix Radio

The cs-41 RPN calculator app is based on that Hewlett-Packard's fascinating series of programmable calculators and contains near all of the built-in functions existent in the originals. Also, it's able to save ilimited programs in module files. It comes with an online handbook and support to open pdf articles.